Occupying more than a million square feet on the north bank of the River Thames in #London, the Palace of Westminster has been the seat of the British government since 1016, though...

Occupying more than a million square feet on the north bank of the River Thames in #London, the Palace of Westminster has been the seat of the British government since 1016, though the majority of today’s Palace dates to the Victorian era. It has more than 1,100 rooms, including both chambers of Parliament, lawmakers’ offices, committee rooms, libraries and pubs. In one form or another it has survived political crises, terrorist attacks and two major fires. But take a trip through its humid, cramped basement, and its decrepit state is obvious, reports Billy Perrigo. Its facade looks ornate from a distance, but up close it’s held together only by the grime of decades. In the basement, Victorian-era pipes carry pressurized steam just inches away from high voltage electric cables. The alarm system is so unreliable that at least two wardens look for fires, day and night, all year round. In May, in the wake of the blaze at Paris' Notre Dame cathedral, U.K. lawmakers voted to set up

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Build a new building, and let this be a monument to history. Don't let Notre Dame not serve as an important warning

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