We deserve a president who will bring us together....

We deserve a president who will bring us together.

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Jojje Holm @jojjekholm

@momma_bird1987 yet you voted for Obama that broke the damn country into pieces.

Jojje Holm @jojjekholm

@tjosephlocastro isn’t he polling at, like 5%? 😂

Stephanie @__stephaniechambers

@chevy_user 😂😂😂 Facts prove other wise, but you tried.

orgillkimberly @orgillkimberly9

@__stephaniechambers at least I can see what's really happening un this country and world😳

tee @teeroonie

zero sense literally ⭕️

carlo @morancarlo15


Max and Vanessa @red.dots_blue.states

@momma_bird1987 so you’re happy Obama is gone, since he was none of that!

Max and Vanessa @red.dots_blue.states

@orgillkimberly9 MAGA 2020!!

Max and Vanessa @red.dots_blue.states

@tracymiller9837 Wish we had a president from 2009 to 2017

Denise Mongeau @momma_bird1987

@red.dots_blue.states, your ignorance is not endearing....please stop

Logan S @loodle_noodle

“It would be nice if the United States had a president right now” like du-doy Mr.Politics there’s always a president

Brian Davidson @briandavidson12

Ummm... we do, his name is Donald J Trump...😆 This empty talk is why Pete is polling at 1%. And saying things like "I'm really worried about him. I feel sorry for the president" is exactly why he will get re-elected over the opposition with a condescending attitude and a weak policy.

JT @johntopaz

@ado_sarmas @seasidesophiee this is what I want 👌🏼

BANDIT🇺🇸😎🌾🤘 @officialsouthernbandit

We do, his name is President Donald J Trump🤣🤣🤣🤣🤘💯💯🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

JE Visser @five.faux

So, theres this guy who lives in the white house, these people called Americans voted for him and he was elected. His name is Trump and he IS your president. Just so you know, so you dont make a fool of yourself next time. 🤷‍♂️

Greg Gibson @gibsongreg13

Good Golly your sexy when your preaching politics

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